20 Date Ideas For the Covid Era Couple

Last night a commenter requested an update with covid in mind for this blog post. I thought it was an excellent idea, so here we are!

20 Date Ideas for the Covid Era Couple (1)

My fella and I are extremely fortunate that we live together right now, my heart breaks for all the couples across the world who have been consistently separated due to the Corona virus and multiple lockdowns. However, I do know how you feel as myself and Himself were long distance for six years. Oh yes people, we put in some serious time apart whilst together. Many, many tears were shed over the years when we had to say goodbye to each other and no matter whether it was for weeks or many months at a time, the heartache was always the same. So, I give to all of you, dating ideas for the separated covid era couple and I hope choosing different options over the next little while, will go a tiny fraction of a way, towards easing your pain.

All of the below are meant to be carried out over some form of video chat

1.) Come up with 10 questions about yourself and answer them before the date, then ask your other half and see how many they get right, then swap!

2.) Make breakfast/lunch/dinner together and then sit down and eat.

3.) Buy the same few different beers/wine and do a tasting together. Each one of you should pick something, so that it’s a shared experience through and through.

4.) Two player board game – there are lots of them out there, it’s possible!

5.) Watch a movie together.

6.) Mini book club.

7.) Go for a walk in your respective local areas whilst talking on the phone. This one doesn’t even have to be over video chat, just pop some headphones in.

8.) Send each other a letter and you have to wait for the date to open them.

9.) Attend a live online theatre event together – have two screens so you have a video call running at the same time as watching the show.

10.) Send each other a pre agreed budget, gift and open on your date.

11.) Have a dance party!

12.) Pick a time everyday to send each other a random photo – a moment a day when you stop and think of each other.

13.) Do chores together – these things are always easier with company – even if that company isn’t physically there!

14.) Go on holidays via google maps – where do you want to visit once you’re allowed? Had a holiday or wedding cancelled due to Corona? Then use this time to plan an even better version of it!

15.) Learn a skill together – language/craft.

16.) Do yoga together.

17.) Sleep together – no not like that! Like in Normal People – no not like that! Like that time they literally slept with the video call open, that part! ….geez!!

18.) Tell each other two stories you haven’t shared before – they can be as pedestrian as you want – no doubt they’ll still result in laughs and/or more conversation!

19.) Plan a spa evening – sheet masks, all the lotions and potions!

20.) Play a computer game together.

Mind each other and stay safe. Rxx


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