Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Well hello there! 2020 has been QUITE the year and has also coincided with my longest break from blogging – coincidence? No Janet, no it isn’t.

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This blog post is dedicated to my Mom, who has been championing the return of the blog for longer than I’m prepared to admit. I happened to come on today to have a look around and was shocked to see how many of you are still reading and most particularly, devouring the gift guides! So I thought it would be a good idea to give you a new, 2020 Gift Guide, to peruse. Happy shopping to one and all!


Gift Guide For Men 2020

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  1. B&O Wireless Speaker These are meant to be incredibly powerful and as they’re water resistant, you can even have it in the bathroom to serenade you whilst you shower!
  2. Leuchtturm Notebook I love the Leuchttrum notebooks, I’m nearly finished this years one, which is rather excellent timing on my part, so I’d highly recommend for anyone who loves to jot down a note or two!
  3. Missoma Backgammon Set For the man who has everything, a travel backgammon set will surely fancify any study and unlike others I’ve seen on the market, this one’s price tag won’t bring tears to your eyes!
  4. Playstation Voucher We’ve all heard about the playstation 5 haven’t we? Well whether someone in your life is getting one or not, a voucher to put towards buying a game or two will surely be a win.
  5. Sony Wireless Headphones According to Himself, these are the absolute tippity top in quality on the market right now. If you’re looking to spoil someone rotten this year and they love a good listen, these over-ear headphones are worth your attention.
  6. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Acqua I bought this for Himself several Christmases ago and he hasn’t picked up anything else since, it has become a main stay and it smells divine! So if you’re looking for a dreamy scent, look no further.
  7. Happy Socks Fun for everyone, bright, colourful and a much better alternative to a normal boring pair of socks!
  8. Veja Trainers I found these trainers online recently and I am in love with the style and colour ways they offer and they’re reasonably priced too.
  9. Fitbit Versa 3 If he loves to track, Fitbit’s latest offering may be just the ticket.
  10. Oliver Spencer Jumper Last but not least, there’s nothing quite like getting a beautiful new jumper at Christmas.


Christmas Gift Guide For Women 2020

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  1. Dyson Airwrap If I had all the money in the world, I’d be buying this for myself. It apparently takes some getting use to, but I think it could be rather wonderful and a serious upgrade from my current rotating heated brushes. Although to be fair, they’ve never steered me wrong, so I can’t really complain!
  2. Dior Coffee Table Book For the women who have everything, a beautiful book to display in the home might be in order.
  3. Mink Voucher Grab a mink voucher and have her paws pampered in one of the best nail salons in the country. Ballsbridge has recently been done up and it is looking absolutely stunning.
  4. Blissy Silk Set My Mom found this company, their stuff looks incredible – I’ve my eye on a pillowcase so I do!
  5. Airpod Pros Again, if I had all the money in the world, I’d 100% have bought these when they first came out. The other airpods never interested me because the standard shape doesn’t fit my ears, but these in-ear buds certainly have me interested! I have an incredibly beautiful pair of over-ear headphones, but sometimes, you just want something a little lighter.
  6. Chanel No. 5 One of the greatest scents on the planet. I’m pretty sure any women would be thrilled to get a bottle this Christmas. Iconic.
  7. Happy Socks For the same reasons as above, if you’re going to gift someone socks, at least make sure they’re fun!
  8. Veja Trainers Again, as above, I found this brand recently and I’m in love, plus, they are all over Instagram so I have definitely been influenced here, everyone I follow over there seems to be wearing them these days!
  9. Smythson Notebook Smythson have brought out some limited edition notebooks and they have some gorgeous cover art. A bit pricier than the ones I mentioned earlier, so would be a very special treat to gift someone this Christmas.
  10. Oysho Jumper Another brand I’ve recently become aware of – stunning stuff! And I have it on good authority from a friend, that the quality of all the pieces is just something else. Very tempted to buy this jumper for myself to wear over Christmas, but honestly, I’d adore anything from that site!


Christmas Gift Guide For Under 18's 2020

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  1. The Little Wooden Peg Doll I’ve seen a few people post about this shop and it is an utter treasure trove. If you’re looking for something for littles I highly recommend giving the place a goo.
  2. RSA Driving Lessons Voucher For the older teen who you honestly don’t know what to get, perhaps a voucher for a driving lesson would put a smile on their face this Christmas!?!
  3. Lego Harry Potter Not just for Kids at all, but for anyone who loves Lego, I know these Harry Potter sets go like wildfire, so snap one up soon if you’re thinking about it, the closer to Christmas we get, the more difficult it’ll be to get one I reckon.
  4. Pacifier Strap Another item from The Little Wooden Peg, this time for a very little, little. Something a bit different to gift new parents who you know intend on giving their child a soother.
  5. Irish Book This book can also be bought in English, but I saw it on the Late Late Toy Show and thought it looked like a bit of fun. But it’s really just here to remind us all that books are excellent gifts, not just children but for all of us.
  6. GoPro For the teen who is obsessed with TikTok / Reels etc… let them have a play on a GoPro and see what they can create out in the real world. You may just have a budding filmmaker on your hands!
  7. Miggle D Giggles If you’re gifting a toy, why wouldn’t you choose Miggle D Giggles, I can vouch for this one whole heartedly, the giggle is gas!
  8. Marvel Hat and Glove Set ‘Cause Marvel and it’s cold ;)
  9. Make Up For the tween/teen who is interested in getting into make up. I urge you not to buy the plastic stuff that wrecks their skin and isn’t “proper” because they’re not “old enough yet”. You’d be far better off buying them a small “proper” palette and teaching them how to use it and how to be careful of it than the alternative. That’s what my Mom did and I’ll always be grateful to her for that. Plus lets face it, half of the 14 year olds out there are better at make up than we ever were at that age because they have a boat load of influences on YouTube giving then step by step tutorials!!
  10. Xbox Voucher A reminder that not everyone has a playstation, so make sure if you’re going to give a voucher this Christmas, make sure it’s the right one.
  11. Boden Jumper Boden do beautiful clothes, especially their kidswear section, worth a peep if you’re looking to gift some clothes this year.

Alrighty loves, that’s it, I hope it’s helped. Tell me, what are you hoping to get this year?

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  1. Mary
    December 10, 2020 / 9:21 pm

    I’m so glad you’re back!

    • peppermintdolly
      December 11, 2020 / 11:13 am

      Aw Mary thank you so much, what a kind message to receive after all these months away, I really appreciate it! I hope you’re well! Rxx

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