How To Be Greener – 3 Simple Ways

Calm down, I’m not about to tell you that you have to exist in a zero waste bubble – I’m not there – so I do not expect anyone else to be either. For those who manage it, you’re amazing and hopefully we’ll all be better soon but for now, I’m trying to focus on the things that I can do right this very second!

How To Be Greener-3 Simple Ways

1.) Say no thank you to plastic cups and straws

In the office I used to work in, it bothered me IMMENSELY that they had plastic cups in the dispenser part of the water cooler – I was like – “Why?! Everyone uses the pint glasses from the kitchen anyway” and thankfully my voice was heard (even though I was barely a month in the door). They still got the water from the same provider, but just said “no thank you” when the plastic cups were offered. As for straws, they may look cute in a cocktail – but let’s all get over ourselves, straws along with plastic in general, are killing our underwater buddies and their homes. Let’s all agree to be cute in other ways – shall we?

2.) Shop in “n0 packaging” stores or at farmers markets

Ok I know this is not super possible for the weekly shop, not right now and not if you’re a person who shops for a household with two incomes and 2.5 kids. But I have seen a few popping up of late that carry oats, seeds, dried fruits, washing powder and for you fitness peeps they often do protein energy balls at a reduced price. Bring along a few glass jars and boom – not only have you saved the planet a bit, but you’ve also got a pretty line up of jars in your pantry or on your counter top! Farmers markets are also a gorgeous way to spend a few hours, so bring your reusable bags, the kids, the dogs and pick up some of the essentials, with the weather this lovely, you’ve no excuse not to walk!

Kew Gardens

3.) Unplug your chargers when they’re not in use

Ohhhh yes, I’m going there! We all have that one dedicated plug next to our night stand that we diligently connect our phone to at night so that it’s full of beans come sun rise – but what about when you grab it in the morning, shove a slice of toast in your mouth and peg it to work? That’s right, the cable is still plugged in….it’s not great folks and something I am TOTALLY guilty of and for the sake of a few seconds there’s no excuse not to unplug.

These are just three small ways I’m trying to be greener in my day to day life. If we all did these three things, think what a change that would be for our planet – it’s worth a thought and the effort – so give it a go! Leave me a message in the comments below if you have any tips for other ways I could be a bit greener!


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