9 Signs You’re A Love Island Addict

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I’m a Love Island addict. It’s true, there are a lot of nay-sayers out there who comment loudly on how awful this show is, but in my humble opinion, the facts are -> it won a BAFTA last year and -> after a taxing day of adulting, a bit of frivolity really does hit the spot! Be honest, are you a Love Island Addict?

Love Island ITV 3e

1.) You are ready for bed by 8:55pm every night

Washed, moisturised and in your PJ’s ready to walk straight into bed once the show ends at 10pm because otherwise you’ll look like a Zombie at your desk the next day and committing to watching this show is a marathon people, not a sprint!

2.) You know the lingo and it’s crept into your everyday life at least once

Muggy, fire, flames, laying it on factor 50, bore off, melt, pied, peng, cracking on, my type on paper, LOYAL

3.) Saturday’s are now the worst

No, the recap is NOT enough!

4.) Your whatsapp starts kicking off at precisely 9:02pm

Because when “she” asked “him” for “that” it was completely cringe and had to be discussed and dissected by you and your mates

5.) You have blow-dryed your eyelashes to see if it actually works

Thanks Dani.

6.) You want the merch

I’m looking at you water bottle!

7.) You know exactly who Iain Stirling is and you are HERE. FOR. HIM.

I cannae wait for his next quip!

8.) After Alex’s confession, you’re not sure you can look at your hairdryer in quite the same way anymore

It was just a bit weird…

9.) If Dani & Jack don’t win, you’ll mutiny and take a sick day in protest

To be fair, I think we can all agree their win has been secured since week two, we’re all just watching at this stage to see who comes in second!

The Love Island final will air on 30 July 2018 and fans have already been made aware that picking up straight after it will be the Aussie Love Island. Apparently they’re louder, raunchier and might be just what you’re looking for when Dani, Jack, Laura and Paul are no longer gracing us with their presence every evening.

Image Credit ITV

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