6 Apps I Use To Make My Life Easier

I don’t know about you guys, but ANYTHING to make my life easier is a win. Over the last few months I’ve found these 6 apps to be most helpful in keeping me sane, so I thought I’d share – in the hopes that they bring you some ease too!

1.) VSCO

This is my number one tool for “on the hop” editing, where I’m otherwise very happy with the photo I’ve taken, but just want a minimal adjustment (and I don’t want to wait until I get home, crack open the laptop etc… etc…) so this tool is fantastic for that type of situation. It’s quick, easy to use and gives my photos that little “umf” they sometimes need.

2.) Podcasts

My appreciation for this one took awhile to cultivate, but with Himself’s incessant persistence that Podcasts were the absolute jam in the centre of a doughnut – I eventually started using this app. Irritatingly enough, he was right and it’s become such a great tool that I find myself using it all the time. Podcasts are a great way to switch off and unwind after a busy day or to just take you on a mini-break from work during your lunchtime. I like to think of them as little palate cleansers, a sorbet for your brain if you will!

I’m currently listening to and loving: The Adventure Zone, Armchair Expert With Dax Shephard and Girls With Goals

3.) My FitnessPal

I don’t use this app to “diet” per say, it’s more about monitoring what I’m taking in because I’m a disaster when it comes to getting enough protein day-to-day, so this app keeps me on track for a healthy and balanced intake. On a theme here – this app is also super easy to use and I love that I can track my exercise and see how it’s inclusion affects my calorie requirements for the rest of the day – a point a lot of people forget about I think!

Apps to make life easier

4.) Trello

This project management app was introduced to me by a fellow band member, he uses it for work and suggested that we compile our new set list for the band on there. You can comment, attach files, leave links, it’s brilliant and with great navigation, I’m able to see everything all at once in clear listings. It’s made going back and forth about tracks so much easier and my email account thanks it profusely because otherwise it’d be super clogged up right now!

5.) Lines2Memory

As an Actress, when this game-changer of an app was brought to my attention I realised two things instantly. First, was that I’d actually already been doing this way of line learning (but with a dictaphone) for quite some time and secondly, that I would, most likely, never use any other tool to help me learn lines on my own ever again! Basically, you record all the lines of the script broken up into scenes and then listen to them over and over to get them into your noggin. Then, as you get to grips with the lines, you can opt to “drop out” your lines, so you’ll only hear the other characters and you see pretty quickly how well you actually know your lines. You can also just select to hear cue lines if you’re in need of a quick blast through a particular scene. This app allows me put the script down and learn when I’m driving, walking, waiting for an appointment etc… without having to carry a big obvious script around with me!

6.) Headspace

For the times when a mere podcast won’t cut it and I need a proper meditative moment, I crack out Headspace. However, I keep listening to the same few free sessions because – whilst I’d love to continue – I just cannot agree to pay such an astronomical amount per month for an app. Sadly I’ve not found another meditation app that I like quite as much to walk away from Headspace altogether, but the second I do, I’ll be moving on. With that in mind, if any of you have any recommendations for me I’d love to hear them!!

What about you? Any of these make your life easier already? What are your must-use apps? I’d love to hear in the comments below, I’m always looking out for new ones!



    • peppermintdolly
      March 5, 2018 / 10:08 pm

      I know Elisabeth, it’s brilliant isn’t it!?!


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