London Called

London Called and we answered – by hopping aboard an Airbus 737 and winging our way to the capital

London Called

We were there for a friends birthday, but before that we had a jam packed Saturday planned. Up bright and early we explored the Leicester Square Christmas market, picking up a few presents for family and friends as well as a beautiful pair of sherling gloves for me along the way!

London Called

^ we would have taken this guy home too, only we would have no where to put him and he definitely wasn’t cabin baggage friendly!

London Called

I was very grateful for my new gloves as we crossed the bridge to get us to the Southbank Christmas Market as it was FREEZING!

I must say, we were incredibly disappointed by the market this year, as you can tell by my previous blog posts about this market herehere and here, it’s become a bit of a tradition for us and always been great fun, so we were gutted when we got there and realised how little was around – INCLUDING – the very much missed Duck Fat Chips stall!!!!

London Called

and I’ve only just realised whilst writing this post – there wasn’t a churros and chocolate stall either, WHAT has the world come to!?!!

There was a very good lights stall which we’d never seen before though, it looked amazing all lit up and would make for some especially cool and quirky gifts if you’re in the market for them!

London Called

We decided to grab some seats, a couple of drinks and get cozy before we separated for a few hours

London Called

I went for the extremely more-ish hot chocolate with baileys ^ just look at that happy head! And Himself had a Blue Moon. We managed to grab a couch after a few mins out of the way of the front door so it wasn’t overly chilly either! After awhile a friend of ours arrived as He and Himself were off to watch Tottenham throttle Stoke whilst I scooted off to this infinitely more luxurious establishment, to get my hair and nails done in preparation for the party!

London Called

all accompanied by a glass of Prosecco no less!

London Called

^ had to take these shots with my iPhone, hence the less than ideal quality / colour – my nails are actually red, red!

London Called

My hair was turned into a moisturised mane of gorgeousness with thanks to this product ^ have you guys heard of it before? It’s a totally new brand for me, but I absolutely loved the result – definitely one to purchase in the future. I was actually going to buy it then and there, but unfortunately it was 150ml over airplane cabin allowance!

I had to take a snap of my queen of sheba hair to send to my Mom as it reminded me so much of this moment, happy memories!

London Called

Should you be dropping in yourself before Christmas, I would highly recommend Sabina for nails and Carolina for hair, they were both fantastic!

London Called

Afterwards, I stomped my way all over Central, managing to drop into Covent Garden to pick up a gift for Himself despite the insane crowds. As with each year, their Christmas decorations are just gorgeous

Mistletoe bunches hung from the ceiling resulting in people having little smooches up and down the plaze, it was very sweet! With everything purchased and my legs quickly turning to jelly, I headed back to our hotel (only getting there 15mins before Himself – I thought I’d get back AGGGGGES before him!), we showered, dressed and headed back out for the Birthday party and stayed out far too late for people with an early flight the next day – although to be fair – it was totally worth it!



  1. Anika May
    December 20, 2017 / 8:46 am

    Such pretty photos, makes me miss London! Love your nails too <3

    Anika |

    • peppermintdolly
      December 20, 2017 / 10:09 am

      Thanks Anika! You should visit – we didn’t realise quite how much we missed it until we went back for a wander – it was fab!


  2. parth rathod
    December 25, 2017 / 5:48 am

    can i say that pictures are beautiful but you are much more beautiful than the nature.
    thank you

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