What To Get Your Secret Santa

Whether it be in the office, your pool of friends, family or school, buying for your secret santa can be tough – even when you get someone you actually know really well!

Secret Santa

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When faced with this task myself, I generally stick to the four F’s: Fashion, Function, Food & Fabulous

In my above list (which will hopefully help you guys out!) you can see an array of items that can all be split up into one (or more!) of the four F’s. Take number 12 for example – do you have a colleague who is positively snap-happy? Well, getting this item for them will not only show them you’ve noticed their love of photography, but also that you put the time and effort into finding a cost effective version to stay within the SS budget. The fact that it has functionality in the form of a keyring is an added bonus!

Take a deep breath, think about what they have on their desk, what they talk about, what they watch or do at the weekends and then think how you could make that easier, better and/or more enjoyable. It can be difficult at first, but once you land on the right item, you’ll be delighted with yourself!

And don’t forget about the fourth F because sometimes, a gift is just fabulous and deserves to be shared!

(more suggestions here and here)


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