Ruth’s Chris

A chain restaurant in America unlike any I’ve been to before

Ruth's Chris

It’s so fancy! I didn’t know chain restaurants could be so fancy!! Upon arrival we were greeted by exuberant staff, one of which led us to our booth. We realised quickly that it was important to stick with her, as the restaurant itself is a maze of small rooms, nooks and crannies, with just a handful of tables/booths in each section, the walls themselves creating multiple “quite dining” spaces

Ruth's ChrisRuth's ChrisRuth's Chris

Whilst we perused the menu, some freshly baked, toasty warm bread arrived with our drinks and our waiter for the evening, who was fantastic, full of enthusiasm for the menu and what the restaurant had to offer!

Ruth's Chris

For starters, Himself had their Barbequed Shrimp with a creamy white wine spicy sauce

and I had the Fresh Mozzarella and Kumato Tomato Salad

Ruth's Chris

Both dishes were delicious, although they 100% could have been main courses…!

When it came to the main course, thank goodness for Himself, he had me warned that this steak house served up massive pieces of meat and to go for the tiniest option, the Petit Filet, which turned out to be a perfectly formed serving for me and exquisitely cooked.

Ruth's Chris

The Stuffed Chicken Breast was the only way forward for Himself, he’d had it the first time he was in a Ruth’s Chris Steak House, when he was 18 years old and I’ve been hearing about it ever since – so there was no way he’d be having anything other than that!

Himself also said that we had to get sides because they were so good (we both knew we were over ordering, but it didn’t deter us – the joys of take away bags!).

We got the creamed spinach (another heralded dish from Himself’s past which was in a New Orleans style cream sauce and was utterly sumptuous!)

Potatoes Au Gratin, (Idaho sliced potatoes topped with a savoury three-cheese sauce. Think: potato heaven)

and lastly, their famous shoe string fries (served extra thin and extra crispy….NOM!)

Everything and I do mean, EVERYTHING was incredibly good, so tasty and definitely moreish!!

Ruth's Chris

After admitting defeat and asking for our leftovers to be packed up, we were presented with dessert menus under the guise of “Guys, come on, it’s a different stomach!”

Ruth's Chris

And like the silk napkins that we are, we fell right over and ordered a dessert to share, it was our Honeymoon afterall!

The apple tart with vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzle was excellent, cinnamony and delicious!

Ruth's Chris

We chatted our way seamlessly through the evening, seeing off nearly all other guests from our section of the restaurant.

Ruth's Chris

Then with our doggie bag in tow, we walked home hand in hand, keen to stretch our legs and walk off at least a fraction of the decadence we had consumed!!

Ruth's ChrisRuth's Chris

I highly recommend a visit when you’re in town! Or if you’re stateside already, find your nearest one here




  1. Hayley Larue
    October 25, 2016 / 7:56 am

    I LOVE Ruth’s Chris! I tried the stuffed chicken just a few weeks ago and it was amazing <3

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