Whipped Nutella Icing

I’m pretty sure I’ve just discovered my very favourite icing – ever!

Whipped Nutella Icing

Himself had a birthday a few days ago and as he’s a man of simple pleasures, all he asked for was coddle (an Irish stew) and a cake, made by yours truly

It’s the same request every year and the cake has usually got chocolate involved in some way shape or form. This year, I went with my vanilla sponge recipe and then experimented a little when it came to the icing.

Whipped Nutella Icing

Buttercream icing is our shared favourite and lately, we’ve been buying Nutella, I don’t actually know which of us bought it first, but it’s been bought a couple of times now and it’s tasty, so I wanted to incorporate it and in the icing, seemed like as good a place as any!

Whipped Nutella Icing

I know you’ll love this one, cause um…it’s amazing!


125g Unsalted Butter

150g Icing Sugar

4 tbsp Double Cream

4 heaped tbsp Nutella

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

pinch Salt

Mix. To get it nice and “whippy” it’s best to use a standing mixer, otherwise you’ll need arms like Arnie to get the proper result! Mix on a high level for approximately 4mins.

The colour will lighten ever so slightly and when you try a bit (cause who doesn’t), it should have a similar texture to mousse. At this point, if it’s not sweet enough or thick enough for you, dollop in another bit of icing sugar and go again.

Whipped Nutella Icing

When you’re happy with it, sweep a thick, generous layer of icing inbetween your two cake layers (if we were having a get together with guests, I definitely would’ve done three layers) and then cover the outside too

Whipped Nutella Icing

I kept the cake plain, but jazzed up the icing a bit by patting the spatula on the cake lightly, thus lifting little ridges all over as a design.

Whipped Nutella Icing

Upon serving, I dotted a few chocolate nibs on top for good measure!

Whipped Nutella Icing

I mean, does this look omnomnom or what?!!

Whipped Nutella Icing

As the sponge is so light, a heavier icing makes for a perfectly delectable combination!

Himself was one happy fella!

Whipped Nutella Icing

Drop me a photo on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram if you try it out, works wonderfully on cupcakes too!





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