House of Peroni at Drake and Morgan

One evening, after office hours, Himself and I were invited to Drake & Morgan at Kings Cross to sample their new menu as well as partake in their Autumnal mixology class

Drake and Morgan

Upon arrival we were greeted by very friendly staff and guided down a steep flight of bottle green stairs to the cavernous, low lit bar beneath.

Drake and Morgan

After a short wait, we were welcomed into the “Autumn Garden”, a small, tucked away room which, at first glance, looked like it was on fire due to the seasonal decor

Drake and Morgan

Our stools were wooden stumps and the table was decorated with multicoloured leaves, drinks apparatus, retro straws, bottles containing different juices and waxed candlesticks with a garden soundscape playing in the background

Drake and Morgan

Himself was very taken with the lighting fixtures, they cast a beautiful orange glow as they reflected all the leaves which blanketed the ceiling

Drake and Morgan

Our Italian mixologist kicked things off by inviting us to enjoy a Peroni. I’ve never been a beer drinker, but this wasn’t bad at all and Himself really enjoyed it

Drake and Morgan

We made three drinks in all and were given ample time in between to actually enjoy them which was fantastic

My favourite of the class, was the first drink we made, “Peroni Limoni”.

As the name would have you assume, it was lemony goodness with Peroni, but it also had a refreshing minty kick which I was surprised to find I loved!

Drake and Morgan

Next up was “Peroni Spritz”, a crisp drink with a healthy mix of both Peroni and Prosecco which makes for a lovely combination!

Drake and MorganDrake and Morgan

And last, but by no means least, there was “Rocket Fuel”, I mean “Peroni Negroni”.

Drake and Morgan

This was too strong for me, according to our Italian host “it’s a grower, have 13 sips, then you like it”. Himself was in his element and said he’d happily sit sipping one of them over the course of an evening.

Drake and Morgan

With our wonderful 90min class at an end, Himself and I returned to the front desk and were immediately whisked away to our (very nice) table by the window on the upper level of the restaurant with a fantastic view of chefs kitchen in the distance

Drake and MorganDrake and Morgan

We kicked things off with a bottle of prosecco followed quickly by our starters.

Drake and Morgan

Chicken Wings with a maple and chilli glaze for Himself and Ham Croquettes with herb mayonnaise for me.

Both were shared and yummy, although if I had to choose a favourite, it would definitely be the wings – that glaze is outstanding!

Drake and Morgan

After a brief (but perfectly formed) interlude, our fabulously efficient waitress was back with our mains. Himself had the Pork Belly with aubergine, balsamic & garlic confit and I had the Thai Green Coconut Curry with chicken.

Drake & MorganDrake & Morgan

The pork belly was excellent but I found the curry to be a little dark and off putting colourwise. That being said, what it lacked in beauty, it made up for in taste, perfectly punchy!

Drake & Morgan

We dipped in and our of each others dishes whilst swapping stories from our respective days. The atmosphere here is fantastic, other guests are close enough to you to create a communal buzz, but far enough away not to interrupt your own intimate conversations.

Oh yes and whatever you do, order the Cowboy Fries with honey, chilli and garlic. Oh my days! They were so incredibly good, definitely on the “not to be missed” list.

Drake and Morgan

For dessert, I ordered the cinnamon doughnuts with toasted hazlenuts, caramel and clotted cream thinking I’d be in for a “Joey doesn’t share food!” conversation and Himself

But I was unfortunately underwhelmed by it. The doughnuts weren’t very tasty, incredibly dry on the inside and drowned by the cinnamon so that it was difficult to make out any other flavours. I had expected the caramel to act as a dipping sauce, but when it arrived it was a thick – near solid – blob that tasted burnt and didn’t lend itself to being dipped into at all.

Drake & Morgan

Thankfully, we found joy in Himself’s dessert, he’s a sorbet fanatic so had ordered their trio of raspberry, mango and lemon. It was a massive serving, so perfect for sharing!

Drake & Morgan

With happy tummies, we thanked our kind and welcoming hosts and headed back out into the evening air, the crisp wind reminding us that Autumn was definitely here and that Winter is just around the corner.

I would thoroughly recommend getting your gang together and heading to Drake & Morgan’s House of Peroni masterclass. There are only two dates left, 18th and 25th of this month at either 6pm or 7:30pm so book here or email them and reserve your spots!

Whilst our evening was complimentary, I have not been paid to talk about Drake & Morgan or the Peroni Masterclasses and all thoughts, as always, are 100% my own.


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