Cinderella’s Royal Table

On our final day in Magic Kingdom, Himself took me for a very special lunch…

We were “cordially invited” (because we’d made a reservation), to dine with Cinderella in her castle – I KNOW!

The mosaics inside the castle are beautiful and together they tell the story of how Cinderella got to where she is today


Upon arrival we were asked to wait in the entrance hall

at our given time, we were announced as “Lord and Lady” to the room and brought forward to meet Cinderella and have our picture taken with her

We had a lovely chat, she asked me all about our wedding and how many “subjects had been in attendance”, when I told her “about 200”, her big eyes ballooned and she said “Oh my! That IS a royal wedding!!”

After saying goodbye, we were led up one of the tall towers to the grand dining room.

It was awesome!

We were given a great table beside the window where we could view all the goings on down below us

And just in case you forget that you’re in the castle, all you have to do is look outside, blue and pink sections of castle everywhere – I absolutely loved it!!

When I came across the wording “All-Natural Chicken” on the menu, I was like, “what have we been eating in the parks up until now if they’re specifying, all-natural chicken here!??”

Himself didn’t have an answer, but we agreed – ’twas worrisome!

After ordering, our drinks arrived. I had decided to be all fancy and order their court punch…I should have stuck with a soft drink, it was so sickly sweet I couldn’t drink it!!

Having said that, overall we were so impressed, especially by the food. It was real, honest to goodness food that had been properly made, none of the “slap dash” food you’re normally privee to in the parks.

To start we shared a slightly odd combo of cheese, chips, salad and houmous. All were fresh, light and fragrant though and went down an absolute treat

For mains, Himself went for the “Beef Tenderloin Salad” and it was gorgeous – a properly yum dish!

and I had the “All Natural Chicken” with veg and a goats cheese polenta. Both main courses were delish!

As we dined, we were visited by lots of the Princesses and had lovely chats with them all. Afterwards, Himself and I thought every family going to Disney really should have a meal here. Yes it’s more expensive than what’s out in the parks, but it’s real food and you don’t spend a huge portion of your day with your littles queuing up to see each Princess separately, it’s a goldmine! Plus, you get a lot more time with each Princess than I ever imagined.

For dessert, Himself had the lemon sorbet with blueberries and I had their “signature dish”, a flourless chocolate cake with caramel hazelnut, meringue and a berry compote.

Both were shared and both were utterly nom!

The cutest moment had to be at the end of our meal. One of the wait staff walked to the centre of the room and told us all it was time to use the wishing stars we had been given (which were keepsakes). Everyone had to hold it tight, wave their magic wand or sword (you were given an option of which you wanted upon arrival), say the magic words (bibbidi bobbidi boo), make your wish (cue sparkly music) and then give a big round of applause.

Littles and adults alike, all took it very seriously, which was really lovely and made the moment

Whether you’re travelling with littles or not, we loved our experience in the castle and would highly recommend it as an added adventure and a great place to find good food in Disney. Book in advance to avoid disappointment though, we were very lucky to get a table for lunch that day (and possibly managed it solely because we were a party of two!)




    • August 25, 2016 / 7:26 am

      It really was! So tasty and just what we needed after non-stop park food!!


    • August 25, 2016 / 7:27 am

      Thanks a mill Mel, we had an incredible time!!


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