Portugal 2016

A couple of weeks ago, we woke in a beautifully air conditioned bedroom in Quinta Do Lago’s Four Seasons Fairways, a far cry from the blistering heat that was smothering London at the time.

As we were only there for three short days, we agreed in advance that rising early was the only way to pack in as much as possible. With that promise, I set off, bright and early, to Conrad Algarve‘s Spa with my Mom, while Himself headed off to play tennis with my Dad.

Mom and I enjoyed the pool and relaxation areas first, then had a quick shower before being called in for our treatments

The Conrad Hotel is just incredible, only a few mins down the road from Fairways and every inch the 5 stars it boasts.

We both opted for the “Rose Facial” and “Back, Neck and Shoulder” massage and by the time we met the lads for lunch at 2pm, we were zen-like creatures, barely recognisable with our earlier selves.

Lunch at Conrad Algarve is always a must for me while we’re visiting, the food is delicious and while the service can sometimes be a little slower than what you’re used to, this just adds to the ethos that you’re there to relax and take your time – if you’re in a rush you miss out on half the experience

We began with bubbles, naturally! And devoured the breads which had wonderfully crusty crusts and deliciously soft middles, perfectly accompanied by some butter, oil and olives

While waiting for our food to arrive, we sat back and relaxed, had lovely chats over our perfectly chilled drinks and thanks to our tables trusty umbrella, the beating sun was kept at bay!

With a flourish, our food arrived. My Dad had the lamb with seasonal vegetables

Both myself and Himself got the Club Sandwich

And Mom had the Chicken burger (which also came with chips – they’re hiding behind her wine glass)

We thoroughly enjoyed our lazy lunch and left amidst a plethora of thank yous to the staff who had treated us so well for the duration of our time at Conrad Algarve (if ever you get the opportunity, go, it’s fantastic and can be  quite the celeb hangout too if that’s something that interests you!)

That evening we went for a drink up at the Four Seasons Fairways Clubhouse, where I learned that gin is not my drink of choice – but I did enjoy how it changed colour!

However, I really couldn’t stomach the stuff, so I spent the rest of our evening enjoying “Sex On The Beach” cocktails

The next morning, the four of us rose early and walked to the lake. It’s not a particularly long walk, but with the heat, you definitely feel every minute of it! Being by the lake sipping coffee and watching people do water sports is always a highlight, so I was really looking forward to it

When we arrived, we spotted a trio collecting the seaweed that had made it’s way into shore overnight (they reminded me so much of Pixars trio in the short “La Luna”!)

To our disappointment, it was closed for the day due to them having to set up for a wedding, so we walked on a little further to “The Shack” which is a relatively new establishment in the area.

It was ok but nothing special, quite dead while we were there, but to be fair it was 11am!

They had an awesome playlist going, so if that music is anything to go by, I’d say it’s wall to wall with people at night

After a quick pit stop there, we continued our walk towards the beach and then looped back to Four Seasons Fairways

Back at Four Seasons, we headed straight for the villa as we were fit for nothing but a quick shower, sun worshipping and some splashing about in the pool!

That evening we got gussied up and had dinner at Pequeno Mundos which I previously wrote about here. As always, it was completely nom!

The paté alone would keep me coming back – it’s just such a lovely complimentary start to your meal

The amuse bouche arrived, a lovely gazpacho, although I must say, I preferred this one

Dad and I started with the Mussel Soup, I never order anything else for my starter here, I don’t care if it’s boring, it’s utterly divine and made to perfection each and everytime!

Mom enjoyed the vegetable cannelloni

While Himself had the most perfect scallops

For mains, Himself demolished the king prawn curry – which I’m always jealous of ’cause I love a curry and the sauce they make is exquisite – but sadly, I just don’t like prawns enough!

Mom and I shared the Chateaubriand which came with vegetables and homemade potato chips

The beef was outstanding!

And Dad had the Beef Wellington, which had to be sent back as it was pretty much raw when it first arrived. I mean, I quite like my meat pink, but on this occasion, it was even too underdone for me! Without any fuss, the staff organised a more thoroughly cooked dish and it was back out in no time and was delicious

After a brief interlude we were onto desserts, Sorbets for Mom,

Crepe Suzette for me (SO good!)

Chocolate fondant for Himself

And possibly the best dish of them all, the tasting plate for Dad

We had a fantastic time (as always) and chatted late into the night, serenaded by the birds who were twittering away, far passed their bedtime!

On our final morning in Portugal, we played a game of doubles, leaving the tennis courts just as midday arrived to scorch everyone in sight!

As Himself and I were flying to Dublin that evening (to celebrate our Our First Wedding Anniversary),we didn’t fancy going out anywhere, so we all pitched in and enjoyed a scrumptious BBQ at the villa instead.

After a post-food lounge in the sun, a final swim and some packing, I found myself hanging out of a car window waving madly at my gorgeous parents with a huge smile on my face as Himself and I were whisked away to the airport, the sun sinking low in the sky all the way there.




  1. Emma Mitchell
    August 2, 2016 / 11:09 am

    Looks like you had such an amazing time!! Great photos! x

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