Pizza Street

Because we ALWAYS love a new foodie find, allow me to introduce, Pizza Street

Located in Chiswick, just a 2min walk from Turnham Green tube station, right on the corner of Turnham Green Terrace and Chiswick common road you’ll find a little bit of New York

and this tiny restaurant boasts a cracking design

Massive lightbulbs, their insides filled with mesh, hang from the ceiling casting various yellow hues onto the surrounding wooden panels which gives a real warmth to the place and instantly makes you feel comfortable and welcome.

Once you’ve decided what you’ll be feasting upon, pop up to the counter, grab a beverage from the fridge below (unless you’re going for one of their shakes), order and pay

You’re presented in return with one of those buzzy flashy yolks which have been exceedingly popular in busy restaurants the world over since the late 90s (you’re also told a number)

We made ourselves comfy and lucky we did because we were in for quite a wait. Pizza Street was very new at the time and as with everything new, there were growing pains. It also became apparent as we waited that the restaurant operates a roaring take-away trade, so bare in mind, even if the restaurant is a ghost town, there could be 8 orders ahead of yours, sitting-in does not get you bumped up the queue, they have one oven and one oven alone, so it’s a strictly first come, first served basis – which includes the phone

But I promise, it’s worth the wait!

We had had a really long day – a fun one – but a long one nonetheless, so we were very content to sit and chat away to each other while enjoying our drinks to pass the time. I tried their vanilla milkshake and it was extremely moreish. Himself informed me I was going to spoil my dinner…he wishes!

After about a 35min-ish wait, we rejoiced when our buzzy, flashy yolk, buzzed and flashed and we rushed over to the counter to collect our pizza

Completely and utterly forgetting the number we’d been given….7?

With a reverence not often seen, we regarded the box, upon opening it, Himself sighed “what’s wrong!?” I said, hurriedly searching the pizza in front of me for a topping other than cheese and pepperoni, “ah nothing…I just wish we’d ordered the extra large now”


Honestly, some people are never happy! 😉

I must say, without a doubt – and we both said this – after obliterating the entire cheesy, pepperoni gloriousness, we agreed that it was some of the best pizza we’ve ever had

We left with very full and happy bellies and a new restaurant in our ‘firm favourites’ category

Update: we’ve since been back to sit in as well as ordering over the phone and can attest to the fact that, not only were the pizzas as good regardless of whether we were in the restaurant or enjoying it at home, but we’ve not had to wait longer than 20mins for it and to be honest, that was a Saturday night, the rest of the time it’s only been 10mins.

I think the training wheels are off and that Pizza Street is well worth a consideration for your foodie needs.




  1. July 14, 2016 / 6:28 pm

    Mmmm PIZZA ! This looks blooming delicious friend. What a find. If only I didn’t live t’other side of south London. Hope you’re good! Ps if you’re around next Thursday (21st) you and himself should come to mine and Lauren’s launch gig at the battersea barge! Would be cracking to see you! It’s on my Facebook wall! Xx

    • July 20, 2016 / 6:55 pm

      Come over for visits!!!! I’m so sorry to be missing your launch – will be sending good vibes from Portugal 😊 looking forward to seeing you when I get back and hearing all about it, with minute detailing – all the frills lady – I want to feel like I lived it!!!!


  2. July 20, 2016 / 6:43 pm

    Oh my goodness I want to dive into that pizza! Good to hear that they’ve sorted out the niggles – thanks for road testing it for us all. Sometimes being a blogger is such a hard life 😉

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

    • July 20, 2016 / 6:57 pm

      Haha! Laura you do make me laugh, it is a hard life indeed, but someone’s got to do it and on this occasion, I was happy to “take one for the team”!! 😉


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