Brunch of Champions

If you’re looking for an easy, yet delicious brunch option, this is the one for you


After visiting Wild At Heart recently, our kitchen table was looking like a rather lovely place to be, so I decided a tasty sit down brunch was in order


Bruschetta is a favourite of mine and one that I don’t make nearly enough of at home. Good food made well, is always my goal and this dish definitely encapsulates that message


Basil (two fists full)

Tomato (two large per person or lots of plum tomatoes!)

Tbsp Oil (I used a beautiful extra virgin olive oil called L’olio de Jacopo which Sarah and Harry gave us as a wedding favour!)

Tsp Vinegar (I used this)

Drizzle Balsamic Vinegar (I used “From Modena” by M&S, but any sweet one will do)

1/2 clove of garlic

1/4 onion (diced)

Salt & Pepper (for seasoning)

Fresh Ciabatta



Dice your onion and de-seed your tomatoes chopping them up into nice chunks (I also love to use yellow tomatoes when I can get them for a pop of colour!)


Add your oil, splash of vinegar (I like using malt for that bite it gives, but if that’s not your thing, try some white wine or herb vinegar). Add in your basil leaves a teeny pinch of salt, a little pepper and then mix thoroughly with your hands, setting aside to allow those flavours permeate

This dish is all about getting involved, so no cutlery people!


Slice up your ciabatta, grill on both sides, then rub with garlic. Serve up your scrambled eggs (oh fine you can use your cutlery here!)


Get some juice and freshly brewed coffee sorted and right at the last moment


Drizzle that delicious balsamic vinegar over the top, chow down and get lost while your taste buds keel over in a haze of tastiness!


Top tip: If you’re having the bruschetta as a main, try draping some smoked salmon on your warm ciabatta before adding your topping – a bit more filling for the days when you need a little extra!


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