The Seafood Bar

While I was home for Christmas, the girls and I climbed into winter woolies and made our way into town to check out a brand new seafood restaurant on Dawson Street

The Seafood Bar

Sitting pretty opposite the Mansion House, The Seafood Bar shone bright like a new penny up against the other older buildings

The Seafood Bar

Upon entering, you’re plunged into deep blues and navys, through a bar area and along a wide corridor until you arrive at the mouth of the restaurant

The Seafood Bar

With dark red leather booths and a very high ceiling, you feel like you’re sitting at the bottom of the ocean, the sounds of the noisy street long forgotten and a new calm washes over you as the gently tinkling music envelopes and you feel much more relaxed than you were before entering

The Seafood Bar

The menu is quite large and while (as you would expect) there are buckets of seafood dishes on offer, there’s also an extensive amount of options for the non fish lover

Things began well with a glass of bubbles and a much needed catch up on what we’d all been up to of late

The Seafood Bar

After some prompting, our order was taken. We thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance and a fair amount of chin wagging before our lunch arrived, but arrive it did. Fiona had the “Wrights of Howth” oak smoked Salmon with dill cream, caper berries, rocket and homemade brown bread

The Seafood Bar

I had the soup of the day with homemade brown bread, which on that day was cream of broccoli

The Seafood Bar

And Claire-Louise had steamed West Cork Mussels with white wine & garlic cream sauce also with homemade brown bread

All in all, the dishes were good, however after the promise of homemade brown bread, I was given one measly piece while the girls weren’t given any at all and when they requested it, the staff acted like they were being weird. If that weren’t enough, at the end of the meal the staff were so busy chatting to each other we had to nearly pin them to the floor to get the bill and when it did arrive it was the wrong one…madness!

The Seafood Bar

I would definitely give The Seafood Bar another try in the future because I’m hopeful that the above issues had a lot to do with being so new, however, if it happened a second time, I definitely wouldn’t be going back, which is a shame as the creators have clearly put a lot of thought and effort into everything else.

Luckily, I was there with great company and we had an absolute blast catching up!



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