Brick Lane

Recently I met up with my very favourite pug, Mr. Pickle and he took me for a very tasty beverage in Brick Lane Coffee (he even dressed up for the occasion!)

Lunch with Pickle

Just look at the rich frothy goodness – nom!

Lunch with Pickle

Myself and Pickles owner, my good friend Nathaniel, had a long overdue chinwag about all things including – but not limited to – acting, producing, directing and writing. However! We couldn’t help but break our conversation frequently to check that ‘lil Pickle was alright – as it turned out, he was less than impressed that we wouldn’t share our coffees and cake

Lunch with Pickle

He tried a plethora of puppy dog stares on me – but I didn’t break! (might’ve if Nathaniel hadn’t been there to be fair…!)

Lunch with Pickle

After talking ourselves hoarse over the course of several hours, we headed back out onto the drizzly pavement, taking in all the cool and quirky art work that Brick Lane has to offer

Lunch with Pickle

And although we were enjoying our stroll, Pickle saw something that made him take over where we were walking to – and he meant business!

Lunch with Pickle Lunch with Pickle

That’s right, he found a Delorean, and after spotting his new ride, he seemed ever so confused when we wouldn’t let him hop in!

Lunch with Pickle Lunch with Pickle Lunch with Pickle

We had a good gawk (along with the rest of the street!) and set off again, talking through our favourite “Back To The Future” moments and before we knew it, we were back at the station

Lunch with Pickle

I won’t lie, the struggle was real when it came time to say goodbye to lil Pickle – he’s just such a cutie!!

Lunch with Pickle




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