Flower Delivery

This week is our first back at work since all the collective amazingness of our wedding and our minimoon. To stave off those pesky “post-wedding blues”, Himself and myself headed to my very favourite florist, Pot Pourri, located in Chiswick.

Flower Delivery

I decided to get a posey made up for the kitchen table, a nod to my own wedding bouquet (some of you may have already seen it on my Instagram feed). However, they didn’t quite have what I was looking for, so I settled for a little peach version, some lovely rose heads coupled with eucalyptus. A pretty success!

Flower Delivery

Apparently I was not the only member of my family conscious of the possible plight known as “post-wedding blues” and so, quite unexpectedly, my gorgeous family sent me an absolutely stunning bouquet which has brightened up our living room and completely filled our fireplace to boot!

Flower Delivery

^ no joke kids, I stood on a chair so that I could fit the whole bouquet in!!

Flower Delivery

From the colours, to textures, old favourites to new favourites, this bouquet is something truly special

Flower Delivery

As a complete coincidence, this bouquet was made up by Wheelers Flowers, also located in Chiswick.

Have made a note-to-self to check it out next time I’m over there!

Flower Delivery

Lots of love to my family, one lucky lady right here – now excuse me while I go breathe in all the deliciousness that these two bouquets have to offer!



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