Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July to my American readers, I hope you all are having a fantastic day!

Happy 4th of July

Every year Himself and I go to Outsider Tart to indulge in their amazing American BBQ and this year was no different!

Happy 4th of July

We trawled through the menu and it didn’t disappoint

Happy 4th of July

^ Some world class items on there…!

Happy 4th of July

As you can see, Himself LOVES a good pre foodage photo

Happy 4th of July

We started off with some drinks, cream soda for Himself and their homemade dirty lemonade for me, which was SO good, not on the menu, but be sure to ask for it – it’s amazing (called dirty cause they make it with brown sugar)

Happy 4th of July

Himself went for the Independence Pig Out with the Texas Chilli Cheese and the Arizona flat, I mean, look at this burger ^

Happy 4th of July

The Arizona Diggity Dog was also slathered in chilli cheese but the flat bread stole the show, it was the Nommiest!

Happy 4th of July

As a side Himself went for the beans (not ok for vegetarians) THEY ARE AMAZING!

Happy 4th of July

And I went with the BBQ Ribs, yummy stuff, too much for me, but that’s ok because it meant we could take it home for later – yay!

Happy 4th of July

For my side dish I had the broccoli salad, which tasted far too good – then I found out there was cheese involved – it just made it even better!

Happy 4th of JulyHappy 4th of July

If you’re in London, Outsider Tart is open and running their BBQ menu until 10pm tonight, so if you don’t know what to be up to this evening, get on over and chow down!

Happy 4th of July

On our way home, we stopped by Mrs Florist London and picked up a beautiful bouquet bursting with pink gorgeousness!

Happy 4th of July

A wonderful start to the weekend!

Enjoy the sun and have a great rest of day!





  1. July 6, 2015 / 8:02 am

    oh my gosh the food looks really good! I’m really hungry now!


  2. July 6, 2015 / 9:48 pm

    That food looks delicious! Looks like you had a blast!

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