In Wonderland {Part One}

Recently I went home to Ireland for my Bridal Shower

“What’s that now?”, “didn’t she already post about her Bridal showerlikeTHREE TIMES?!”

Well, yes I did – HOWEVER! Lucky me was treated to two – a City (London) Bridal Shower and a Country (Dublin) Bridal Shower!


In Wonderland

I’d been heavily involved with the logistics of the London one (being the only member of the bridal party in London at the time!), so when it came to this one, I was informed that I’d know VERY little – which was just fine by me and rather exciting too!

At 9am I was packed off to the hairdressers for a bit of pampering and collected afterwards by my Bridesmaid Sarah

In Wonderland

The mystery back seat photographer was Katie (some of you may know this little one from her blog Okaybee!) we’ve been friends since we were tiny tots in ballet class and we’ve toured the length and breath of Ireland in numerous shows and concerts over the years together too

In Wonderland

The three of us road tripped our way towards Killashee House Hotel in Kildare listening to the best mix of Wedding/Love songs that Sarah had compiled for our journey which we happily sang along to – loudly – fellow drivers may have stared but we didn’t care!

In Wonderland

^ incase you have your own Hen related road trip coming up!

Once we arrived, I was sent up to my Mom’s suite to get changed into the tea dress that I was pre informed I was wearing for the “first bit”! Just before we headed out, my Mom and Sister handed me the most beautiful bouquet I’ve ever had the pleasure of holding. All my favourites were there – white peony clouds, pink roses, light blue hydrangeas and some eucalyptus leaves – it smelled heavenly!

In Wonderland


Dress (old) | Cardigan | Shoes | Nails

(I’m about to break your hearts – my Sisters name is Sarah too…I know! What are the odds?! But in the interest of ease, we’re going with “Sis” otherwise, there’ll be a mutiny come the day when Sarah, Sarah and Sarah are all in the same story…!)

Mom & Sis lead me out of the hotel and around to a private conservatory where all the girlies were waiting at a beautifully decorated table full of pink peonies, pearls, fascinators, lace gloves and gorgeous vintage tea cups and saucers, all mismatched to perfection for what was to be a stunning Afternoon Tea!!

In WonderlandIn WonderlandIn Wonderland

Hanging out on a side table was a collection of Vogue covers, however, as I made my way over I noticed something pretty awesome. While some were real vogue covers, some were pictures from my social media, various shoots I’ve done over the years and my acting headshot too! They looked amazing and even had little snippets like “Decadent Designs: Rebecca talks us through the pros and cons of a ‘Naked’ Wedding Cake” written on them

In Wonderland

At my place there was a tiara…you all know how I feel about tiaras, suffice to say it was on my head before the champagne had even been popped!

In Wonderland

At each place setting there was a card with the relevant guests name on it

In Wonderland

and on the reverse…

The Queen of Hearts – I laughed so hard, I couldn’t believe it!!

In Wonderland

Afternoon Tea was amazing, there was so much to choose from! We had Smoked Salmon on doorstop brown bread with mustard and Ham and Cheese on farmhouse white with relish (the latter was definitely my favourite!)

In WonderlandIn Wonderland

Most people knew each other already, but for the few who didn’t, you never would have guessed, everyone got on famously – I thank the tea for that – wars can be ended, friendships can be built and all problems can be solved over a cuppa tea – I’m pretty sure that’s a rule!

In WonderlandIn Wonderland

Let us take a moment to single out the little toffee cakes, those little rectangular ones, with the toffee drizzle – I literally could’ve nibbled away at them ALL day – NOM!

In WonderlandIn Wonderland

In the next shot you can see, a pink Champagne bottle that everyone had signed for me – such a sweet memento – my lovely Mom said I was to open it on our 1 year wedding anniversary!

In WonderlandIn Wonderland

After copious amounts of sandwiches, scones, tea and pictures – the macarons arrived!!

In Wonderland

(^ how cute is that little white rabbit sticking his head up out of the jam pots!?!)

In Wonderland

Oh the macarons, I’m pretty sure I ate one of every flavour, they were SO good!

I’m raging I don’t have a full picture of my gorgeous Mom’s outfit. Her dress was beautiful, but what I really wanted was to show you her shoes! I noticed them the second I saw her, stunning white lace court shoes, pristine white actually and when I asked her if they were new she goes “what these?! Roland Cartier, vintage at this stage – sure I’ve had them about 35 years!”

HOW has she got a pair of WHITE shoes that still look WHITE after 35 years?! CLEARLY I need to be paying more attention on how she stores everything in her wardrobe!

In Wonderland

Once we all had our fill (it took awhile!) I was sent back upstairs, but this time, to the room where I would be staying that night. I was met by another flower-formed surprise, a beautiful bouquet was waiting in the living room of the suite!

In Wonderland


There was one section of the day I did know about and that was the 25min spa treatment we were all getting. I chose the “Deep Tissue Back Massage” it was painful – but the good kind, by the time the session was over, I felt like my bones had been removed and I was just putty!

In Wonderland

I have to say though, I was more than a little disappointed to find out that the spa charge you for use of the gym/pool/sauna etc… EVEN IF you are staying in the hotel. I think that is absolutely shocking, but as my friends pointed out, if I’d even tried to go to the gym over the course of the weekend, they probably would’ve throttled me – bless them!

In Wonderland

After our various treatments (swedish massage, manicures, reflexology etc…) we all hung out in the relaxation room for awhile

In Wonderland

^ Katie managed to get this sneaky pic on her phone while we were in there, it was gorgeous and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, had I been in there on my own I most definitely would have fallen asleep!

I was in the first “wave” of treatments (we had been staggered as we were a big group) so naturally, I was one of the first to get back to my room afterwards. I went through to the bedroom and, as if by magic, this happy little lot were perched on a side table waiting for me, which I gladly tucked into – having a massage is tough work I’ll have you know!

In Wonderland

I chilled out in the room for a few mins until the others returned, very aware that a definite theme had emerged!



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