Pink Fancies

With Summer so nearly here, I have a new concoction for you all – from my kitchen to yours, or rather, from my sun soaked balcony to yours! (fingers crossed, touch wood, knock three times, turn around and cross your heart!).

Pink Fancies

Recently I bought a blender, it’s a Salter named Sally. I chose this one out of all the others on offer, because it’s jug is made of glass and personally, I don’t like the idea of drinking out of the same plastic anything for weeks/months on end!

Pink Fancies

^ Isn’t she grand?!

Anyway, I’ve been making a shake for myself every morning, but that Sally one has been crying out for something a little bit stronger since day 1 – so who am I to refuse!?

Pink Fancies

^ Saturday morning purchase – love them!

Ingredients (makes two drinks)

1 cup Ice

1 cup Champagne (Grey Goose Vodka/Tequila, whatever is your fave, it all works really well here – so go nuts – but remember people, the recipe isn’t “Champers, Vodka and Tequila” – it’s ONE of the three – oh don’t pretend, I know exactly what you were thinking you boozy little lot!) 😉

1 Lemon (Juice)

500ml Pink Lemonade (homemade is always lovely if you have the time!)

Glitter rimmed glass

Plenty of Sunshine!

Pink Fancies


Tip your dusting sugar onto a small plate, run a lime quarter around the rim of your glasses and turn them upside down on the plate so as to coat them in the dusting sugar. Throw all your ingredients (apart from the sugar!) into your blender, blitz, pour into your pretty glasses, head out to the sunshine,

Big clink and enjoy!!



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