Hermès et Brindisa

If you’re a savvy social media butterfly, you may have noticed a certain new addition to my wardrobe featured on Instagram recently


That’s right! Yours truly has finally gotten her little paws on a stunning Hermès silk scarf and I’ll tell you right  now, it’s love!


I have wanted one of these babies since forever and recently when I was in Harrods, I fulfilled a bit of a dream by carrying out one of those luxurious, bright orange bags


I chose an orange and pink beauty with a large sail boat as the central image surrounded by a mini ‘Hermès Paris’ sail boat, flowers, butterflies and fishies all flying/swimming around – it looks like a very happy place!

I’ve named her Harriet – because it would appear I have an inability not to name new purchases. Exhibit A | Exhibit B

Casa Brindisa

I thought Harriets first outing should be somewhere new and exciting, so when my friend Sophie messaged to say a dinner date was in order and that we should try Casa Brindisa in South Kensington – well, the stars had alligned hadn’t they?!

Casa Brindisa

We met at the station and walked the few mins to the doors of Casa Brindisa, the place was filling up quickly and while we were one of the first to bag a table, shortly enough we were completely surrounded by a plethora of South Kensingtons “who’s who” for supper!

Casa Brindisa

Upon realising that our Waiter was just a little bit awesome, we asked him what he would suggest if we were looking for a crisp, ice cold Rosé and when he said “our house wine will be perfect”, I won’t lie, we were dubious, but boy oh BOY did it deliver – a great start to the evening!

Casa Brindisa

After knocking it out of the park with the wine, we turned our palets over to Mr. Awesome and requested that he choose some dishes for us to try – to get the real Tapas experience, he excitedly rattled off a few, we smiled politely, nodded, waited for him to leave, looked at each other and said “what did he say?”, but we needn’t have fretted. First up was the ‘Padrón Peppers’, usually mild, fried in oil with a smattering of salt thrown on top – they were delicious – they reminded me a little of Edamame Beans

Casa Brindisa

Next up was the ‘Tortilla Chorizo’, chorizo, potatoe and pepper omelette. While heavy, this was truly delicious and perfect for sharing, it came with a spicy mayo on the side, which we quickly worked out, went well with everything!

My favourite plate was next to land on our petite table, ‘Charcuteria Selection’, chorizo, Salchichón, loin and Teruel ham served with bread and olive oil

Casa BrindisaCasa Brindisa

Mr. Awesome was back and insisted we try ‘Pan de Coca’ with tomato, a traditional Catalan flatbread and really, I don’t know why we even paused for thought because it was completely fabulous!

Casa Brindisa

Last, but by no means least, we enjoyed the ‘Deep Fried Monte Enebro’, handmade goats cheese with orange blossom honey and crispy beetroot crisps, if nothing else it looked fantastic on the plate, the honey was possibly laid on a bit thick for my tastes, but those beetroot crisps were a revelation – will definitely be oven baking some beetroot slices asap, watch this space!

Casa Brindisa

It was all wonderful, a positive merengue on the palate! Sadly, after all those yummy dishes, I just couldn’t manage anything more, which was pretty devastating as I had been eyeing up the ‘Galacian Tarta de Santiago’, traditional almond cake with vanilla ice cream.

It’s ok though, just means I’ll have to make another visit to Casa Brindisa to make up for it!






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  1. May 17, 2015 / 3:57 pm

    I totally understand your excitement about Harriet – I felt the same way when I was finally able to afford my Burberry trench coat. Walking around the streets of Philadelphia carrying the big bag made me feel like a queen – the feeling is the still the same every time I wear my coat.

    Padron peppers are so incredible! They’re one of my favorite things at our local tapas bar, second to the red wine sorbet and coca-cola dessert. It may sound gross, but it’s actually quite delicious!

    I can’t to see Harriet featured in more of your posts!

    -Becky Lynn of Favors&Festivities

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