Happy Saturday!

Today I’ll be delving into a new recipe – well – new for me, it’s really a classic!


I’ve found that weekends – especially Saturdays are fast becoming my “big cook” days each week. I love having the time to try out something that’s a bit more complicated or needs just that little bit more supervision


I bought these beautiful Lisianthus from my local market stall, aren’t they pretty? Another first – usually I opt for flowers I know quite well, but I decided to branch out (I know right?, I’m so rock’n’roll!)

Before I’m up to my elbows in the latest recipe (you’ll find out soon enough you eager lot!), I decided on a bit of a read, some fresh orange juice and some tasty granola. A perfect start to the weekend if you ask me!

Morning Times

How do you guys like to spend your weekends? Are you a Sleepy Susan, a Go Get’em Gary, a Telly Tom or a Busy Betty? (the options are endless and I won’t lie, I really enjoyed coming up with those names!)

Anyway! Whatever your bliss may be, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



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