Our Christmas Dinner



Each year I look forward to our collaborative efforts in the kitchen. When we sit down to our Christmas dinner, conversation ceases and is replaced with yummy noises – just what a Chef wants to hear!

Alongside the washing, prepping, cooking, laughing and eating lovely treats, we ploughed through our marathon of Christmas movies, in the end we managed six – not too shabby – but more on that later!

First, let’s have a dinner breakdown


Turkey for two


Homemade stuffing (my Mom’s recipe)


Ham with a mustard seed glaze


Carrots and parsnips with a honey glaze (SO good!)

Roast Potatoes

Beautifully golden roast potatoes

Potatoe Gratin

Potatoe gratin (Himself’s Mam’s recipe) ^ this is it pre cooked obviously, but we’d gobbled it up before I realised I had forgotten to get a snap when it was taken out of the oven! Rest assured it goes golden brown on top and is delicious!


The gravy – oh the gravy, every year I make it with red wine and wonder why I don’t do it that way each and EVERYtime I make gravy, it was amazing, so so good, I just can’t deal with it when the pot is empty!


Nom nom nom!

After a few hours of movie watching, we got stuck into the Christmas pudding to finish off a splendid day


With custard of course!

Pudding and Custard

What movies did we end up watching?

The firm favourites and it was lovely seeing them all again!




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