Movies To Watch At Christmas

Trees are up, lights are on and everyone is having a free for all with the Christmas songs! All across our little globe people are getting well and truly into the Christmas spirit – yay!

Movies To Watch At Christmas

Each year myself and Himself spend Christmas Day apart due to our families living far away from each other. Originally I thought this was a horrible ordeal we’d have to go through, however, my sorrow quickly gave way to excitement when Himself suggested that we might have our own Christmas Day

two Christmas Days you say? TWO? DE-lighted!

This year we’ll be celebrating on Saturday 15th December and I can hardly wait! We wake early in the morning and exchange presents by the tree, then, while we cook breakfast, we put on Christmas music via Christmas FM. Once breakfast is over the Christmas movie marathon begins! We watch so many movies because we play them throughout the entire day, even while we’re cooking the dinner

Over the years we’ve discovered some firm movie favourites, some unexpected gems and some films that are so awful – we talk about them every year and nearly always rewatch them just for the laugh. As the countdown to Saturday has begun, I thought I’d do a list of what our favourites are and what we might watch…

…it escalated quickly!

Feast your eyes below on Peppermint Dolly’s Christmas Classics, maybe this year you’ll watch a few of them on your very own Extra Christmas Day?!

Peppermint Dolly's Christmas Classics

Enjoy & pass the popcorn already!



17 thoughts on “Movies To Watch At Christmas

  1. Mr F introduced me to ‘Bad Santa’ last year – not very festive in spirit, but hilarious! It’s not Christmas without The Snowman. There’s an american film that I’m surprised that they don’t really ever seem put on TV here in the UK called ‘A Christmas Story’. We used to watch it on video every christmas as kids (yes I’m that old!!), it’s a classic.
    p.s. Happy christmas #1 for saturday! xo

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