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My whole family have been devotees of Liz Earle since the early days in 1998 when she was personally selling on QVC and no where else! My family should’ve taken out shares in the place as we’ve spread the good “Liz Earle” word far and wide, cross continents, from preteens to Grand Aunties! For me, there is no better stocking filler for a family member, friend, co worker, teacher or school chum, than a Liz Earle Christmas set!

Liz Earle

On Sunday I took a look around and realised it was high time I got my tushie down to the Chez Earle store in Sloane Square for a restock, so on Monday I did just that! I was coming from town and as the weather was so good I decided to get off the tube at Knightsbridge and walk the 15mins instead of changing lines to get a bit closer.


While on my walk I stopped into Smythson’s and perused the stunning wall of books, I had my eyes keenly trained on the wedding ‘Tie the Knot’ and ‘Wedding Planner’ book set online last week and thought it the opportune moment to have a look at what they’re like in real life – I want them!

Miss Piggy

Ultimately I decided to leave that for another day, I already had big plans for my purse, no need to bring it to tears all in one afternoon! But I did stop off at my favourite florists, Jacques Flowers and after feasting my eyes I decided to get a bunch of – quite possibly the best named flowers ever, “Miss Piggys”, aren’t they gorgeous?!

After being treated like a queen in Liz Earle, I strolled home (with my list satisfyingly ticked off) and here is what I bought:

Liz Earle Haul

Cleanse & Polish 200ml tube (For Us)

Instant Boost Skin Tonic 200ml bottle

Gentle Face Exfoliator 70ml pump (For Us)

Deep Cleansing Mask 75ml tube starter kit

Superskin Concentrate 28ml bottle

Superskin Bust & Neck 50ml pump

Sensitive Shave Cream 100ml tube (For Himself)

After Shaving Moisturiser 50ml (For Himself)

Body Wash Triple Set {Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash | Energising Body Wash | Face and Body Wash} 200ml bottle x3 (For Us)

For my efforts, Liz Earle staff offered me two complementary 15ml tubes of Cleanse & Polish (you can choose from Cleanse & Polish, Instant Boost Skin Tonic or a Moisturiser but I always race through the Cleanse & Polish, so that informed my choice!)

Cleanse & Polish

I cannot speak highly enough of Cleanse & Polish – HONESTLY, it’s fantastic, it takes off the toughest make-up in a cinch and there’s just something so relaxing about massaging it into your skin, getting your muslin cloth, running it under as hot water as you can take and then luxuriously wiping away the days damage. My skin positively glows after using this product.

Instant Boost Skin Tonic

After cleansing, I move onto the Instant Boost Skin Tonic, pouring it onto a cotton pad and then sweeping it over my face and neck. I like to let it settle into the skin for about 30 seconds before moisturising.


For most skin types, Liz Earle will have you covered, I know A LOT of people who use Liz Earles moisturisers and sing their praises, I however am a difficult flower when it comes to skin and while all other L.E. products work like a dream for me, her mosturisers do not. When I use her moisturisers I get a dry area next to my left eye (so random I know!) so instead I’ve been using Creme de la Mer. However, the lovely gem of an Irish man who helped me out in the L.E. store, recommended I try the Superskin Bust & Neck Treatment on my face as well as the décolletage area (which it was designed for). So I’ll give that a whirl and report back!

Superskin Samples

Before leaving the store, my fellow Irishman hooked me up with a few satchets of the new L.E. Superskin Moisturiser in the hopes that it wouldn’t react to the skin on my face like the other ones have. I put it on last night and this morning and am saying a little prayer that my skin doesn’t react because let me tell you lovelies, it feels AMAZING, it feels like a barrier at first and very thick, but then suddenly without warning it dissolves blissfully into the skin. A must try for all I reckon!

I may be a little poorer than I was on Monday morning, but my skin is definitely a little richer, so personally, I think it’s a good trade off!

Do you use Liz Earle? Let me know your thoughts on her stuff and your favourite products in the comment section below





  1. Chic and Alluring Blog
    September 13, 2014 / 2:54 pm

    Wow, Liz Earle must be a great brand if you’ve been loyal to it for this long! I’ll look more into it. :o)

    • October 22, 2014 / 7:53 am

      It really is, let me know how you get on!


  2. Lucy
    October 23, 2014 / 6:08 pm

    I really like Liz Earle, there products are so lovely to use, in smell, good for the skin and best of all no horrible animal testing, My favourite is definitely their hot polish and orange shower wash. You look like you had a great day Lucy

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