OH HI THERE Michael Kors!!

Peppermint Dolly

This is a shameless YAY!! but this lady hasn’t had a grown up bag in a LONG time, so I’m delighted to introduce, Bonnie and Clyde.

When I was home at the weekend, Mom and I had a girly day together and popped down to Dundrum Town Centre. Dundrum is Ireland’s biggest shopping centre and is pretty much Westfields, but a touch smaller. It has all the big stores like, House of Fraser, Harvey Nichols, Gap, Hamleys, French Connection, L.K. Bennett – the list goes on! But to my delight, they’ve opened a Michael Kors. Well we had to go in didn’t we? T’would be rude not to!

And sure didn’t they have a sale on…!?

Peppermint Dolly

First, I saw the purse, then the bag, I was torn, but on hearing the amazing sale price on both, I was sold within seconds! Both Bonnie and Clyde were coming home with ME!

Peppermint Dolly

I just love the colour – and the tassel lads, I’ve never been one to wear fringing, but ooh isn’t the tassel fun!?! Also I was in desperate need of a new purse and this one is perfect, it has just the right amount of card space for me (I have so many loyalty cards – when did this happen!!?). The best part of the purse is the fact that it’s a zip closure so it may just be that helpful reminder I need to empty out my receipts!!

Peppermint Dolly

Guess what else? Hidden inside my brand new bag was another strap so you can turn it into a crossbody bag – JOY!!

Peppermint Dolly

You should’ve seen me travelling back to Dublin, I was practically floating through the airport and even had to take a snap on the final leg of the journey…yes, I’m talking about the tube

@MichaelKors @victoriabeckham @BritishVogue "These are a few of my favourite things!"

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