Lovely Latte

As promised in Southbank Visit, today I’m going to share with you how I make my yummy iced lattes!

Peppermint Dolly

Now I don’t know about you, but I hate when the ice in my latte melts and dilutes the lovely coffee!

Well I like my coffee strong people – there had to be a better way, and I’m delighted to tell you, there IS!


Awesome coffee


Silicone ice-cube tray



Make sure you make up these lovelies the night before you want your coffee (The first time I wanted to try this method out, the coffee turned to ice so slowly it was pure torture!)

As I said, I LOVE strong coffee so I put about 5 scoops into my cafetière, then fill it to the top with boiling water.

Peppermint Dolly

When it has settled, push down the plunger, slowly but fluidly to clear out all the grains.

Peppermint Dolly

Peppermint Dolly

Pour your coffee into your tray and place into the freezer – now go away and do something lovely!

Peppermint Dolly

Peppermint DollyPeppermint Dolly

Look at them! They’re so pretty!!

Peppermint Dolly

Get the necessary ready

Peppermint Dolly

And Vogue – have to get my Aug Vogue in there too! (Good oul VB on the front looking awesome as always!)

Peppermint Dolly

Pour in your ice cold milk

Peppermint Dolly

And yes, as documented previously – I enjoy my iced latte in a wine glass!

Peppermint DollyPeppermint Dolly

In my opinion, it’s the perfect way to start the weekend, an ice cold lovely latte, the newest Vogue and the heady scent of beautiful pink Peonies!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Ice cube tray | LSA Wine Glasses, old, but similar herePink Paper Straws |


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