“We’re all going on a…”

With Summer here and the weather cooperating in an uncharacteristic manner (much appreciated, keep it up!). I’ve noticed I’ve been day dreaming a lot about my holiday, more specifically, about my holiday wardrobe! I’m a “why bring one pair of shoes when you could bring 12?!” kinda girl. However…

Stacked Luggage

when himself & myself were booking our flights, we were suddenly faced with the page about luggage and how much we were going to pay for. Before I could say Christian Louboutin, I had agreed to one case between the two of us – he threw down the gauntlet and I, like the competitive flower I am, shouted “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED” before I remembered that I am an AWFUL packer, especially when it comes to sun holidays because I want to bring ALL THE THINGS!

As the best way to win, is to plan – I will painstakingly go through my actual and wish list wardrobes and I’ll come up with THE “Holiday Capsule Wardrobe” – Easy!

Holiday Capsule 1Holiday Shoe CapsuleHoliday Capsule 3Holiday Capsule 4

Wait…that’s too much already isn’t it?!! Gah! Look, himself can have the front pouch pocket and I’ll just have to take up the rest of the case – that seems fair to me!!



{Pictures gathered from here}

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