The big day for Sarah and Harry was finally here! Us Bridesmaids were to arrive in The Augustus Hotel‘s private villa first thing in the morning where we would spend the day clinking bubbles with the Bride, being pampered, preened and even have time for a little sunbathing, all in preparation for the ceremony starting at 5:30pm

It’s a hard life really isn’t it…?!


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In Wonderland {Part One}

Recently I went home to Ireland for my Bridal Shower

“What’s that now?”, “didn’t she already post about her Bridal showerlikeTHREE TIMES?!”

Well, yes I did – HOWEVER! Lucky me was treated to two – a City (London) Bridal Shower and a Country (Dublin) Bridal Shower!


In Wonderland

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Hare and Tortoise

Happy Monday lovely people – I’ve a new restaurant for you to sink your teeth into!

The other evening I met up with Heather to celebrate her moving into her brand spanking new abode (which is pretty gorgeous it has to be said!), we met after work and went to Hare & Tortoise, a chain of restaurants serving a crossection of Asian dishes (Japanese, Chinese and Malaysian) which I’d never been to before


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